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About us

The way I dress depends on how I feel. I never have to psyche myself up. Usually it just feels like it works.


Rapra is just an assimilation of sounds; a sound of comfort, like a wraparound or a duvet. But comfort calls for style too. We love our quilts, but we don’t work in them. So, we thought: what if we could combine comfort and couture to create a day-to-night apparel, something in which you could just sink in?

And thus, the brand was born.

Rapra the Label crafts the most comfortable lounge and sleep-wear in that you can spend your entire day and night in. It starts with your morning coffee and ends with your evening read before you hit the bed, and maybe a cup of green tea before that. Its comfort woven into fabrics, for people who want nothing but the best, even when working from home and connecting virtually.

Rapra is beyond labels. We create the softest satiny outfits for all sizes and cottons and prints to bring out your fun side. We know that colours and couture is for everyone, but sizes differ and so do preferences. Our sleepwear and comfort-wear comes in a special roomy size that ensures you can stretch and be your absolute confident best in; whether it’s a virtual date or a formal meeting.

And when you end the day and go to sleep in the same suit, you know that you have won a small battle in the war of the worlds, in your own, cozy way.

Slide with your sleepwear, from sunrise to sunset, the Rapra way.

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